Frequently Asked Questions for Democratic & Progressive Data & Voter File Managers

TargetSmart, for nearly 10 years, has worked closely with Democratic State Parties and the Democratic National Committee in a variety of roles, including data processing and data enhancements & appends.  This brief list of frequently asked questions is intended to offer clarity about the various roles and policies that we employ when working with our clients.

If my organization contracts with TargetSmart for data, will we have access to Democratic Party IDs, models and other information from the DNC’s VoteBuilder program?

Information in VoteBuilder is the property of the DNC, Democratic State Parties and Democratic campaigns. While TargetSmart works with the Democratic Party to provide high-quality data and services, we do not share any data from any of our clients, including the Democratic Party.  Requests for proprietary data from the Democratic Party should be directed to the appropriate Democratic committee.

Does TargetSmart work with Republican Candidates?

No. TargetSmart’s customer base has always focused on the Democratic Party, Democratic candidates, and progressive organizations. In recent years we have worked more with nonpartisan or bipartisan organizations like organized labor and trade associations. So while some of our work may be in support of bipartisan issues and causes, TargetSmart does not work with Republican candidates.

Can I use TargetSmart’s Voter File for my company’s direct marketing needs?

There are strict laws that prohibit using voter files for commercial marketing purposes. However, TargetSmart maintains a number of databases that are not sourced from voter lists and are built specifically to help companies acquire and retain customers.

If I work with TargetSmart, will other clients or third parties have access to my data?

Absolutely not. We believe your proprietary data is yours and should stay that way.

While some firms – even progressive ones – take ownership of their clients’ data to share, lease or sell it to third parties, we have never operated like that, and never will.

If I work with TargetSmart, will I have access to the same voter file that I’ve used on Democratic campaigns?

No.  The Democratic Party, in partnership with TargetSmart, provides a national voter file for use by Democratic Candidates through the VoteBuilder program.  TargetSmart operates an independent data collection and build process to create a national voter file that is comparable, but different, to the file maintained by the Democratic Party. This separate file is intended to be used by non-Party organizations that need access to a high-quality voter file. This TargetSmart voter file, often delivered through SmartVAN, gives non-Party groups access to very similar data and tools that power most Democratic Candidate campaigns.