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March 26, 2021



New TargetSmart Poll Shows Georgia Voters Strongly Oppose Voter Suppression Measures in SB202 

Washington, DC – An overwhelming number of registered Georgia voters broadly and strongly oppose key measures in Georgia’s SB202, the omnibus package that was rapidly signed into law by Governor Brian Kemp on Thursday, according to a new poll conducted by TargetSmart on behalf of Fair Fight Action.

The poll, which consisted of 603 registered voters, found that provisions in SB202 including criminalizing the distribution of food and water to people standing in line, transferring election authority to the state legislature, and disenfranchising voters who vote in the wrong precinct location lack any semblance of public support among Georgia voters. 

“In today’s fiercely polarized political environment, it is often hard to find policies that both Democrats and Republicans reject in huge numbers,” said TargetSmart pollster Ben Lazarus. “But with their agenda of voter suppression, the Georgia GOP seems to have found a uniquely unpopular set of proposals. It’s no wonder they jammed the legislation through so quickly.”

The poll finds that 77 percent of Georgia voters oppose the provision to criminalize the distribution of food and water to people standing in line waiting to vote, 76 percent oppose the legislation’s ability to take election authority away from local elections officials, counties, and the Secretary of State, 71 percent oppose the restrictions on early voting and absentee ballots, and 70 percent oppose the provision that allows the state to throw out the votes of eligible voters who vote at the incorrect precinct location, regardless of circumstances. Further, it finds that 60 percent of Georgia voters oppose the shortening of absentee ballot request periods and 59 percent oppose the limiting of available voting drop boxes.

“Georgia Republicans’ anti-democratic attacks on the right to vote aren’t just wrong and shameful — they’re also extremely unpopular with Georgia voters,” said Fair Fight Action CEO Lauren Groh-Wargo. “Across the board, Georgians overwhelmingly oppose efforts to restrict access to the ballot box and give control of our elections over to partisan politicians in the legislature.”

A brief memo of the polls findings can be found here.

Survey Methodology

TargetSmart designed and administered this multi-modal survey conducted by professional interviewers. The survey reached 603 adults (500 weighted), age 18 or older, who indicated they were registered to vote in Georgia. The survey was conducted from March 4-14, 2021. The sample was randomly selected from TargetSmart’s enhanced voter file. Seventy-nine percent of respondents were reached on wireless phones (81 percent weighted), 16 percent on landlines (12 percent weighted), and 5 percent via web panel (7 percent weighted). Quotas were assigned to reflect the demographic distribution of Georgia. The data were weighted by gender, age, race on file, region by media market and urbanicity, 2020 presidential vote, TargetSmart Partisan Score, TargetSmart High School Only Score, and TargetSmart Presidential General Turnout Score to ensure an accurate reflection of the population. The overall margin of error is +/- 4.4%. The margin of error for subgroups is larger and varies.


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