CellBase – The Game Changer


“CellBase” Empowers Progressives to Reach More Rising American Electorate Voters

Among civic groups, progressive organizations and Democratic campaigns, much has been said about the importance of connecting with the Rising American Electorate. Indeed, the population of the United States continues to evolve with increasing numbers of unmarried women, people of color and Millennials. Research has shown the Rising American Electorate will become the new American majority of voting-eligible citizens and will make up a majority of voters for the first time in 2016.

But connecting with this important voting block is easier said than done.

For this reason, TargetSmart is proud to announce a powerful new resource for non-profits, Progressives and Democrats called CellBase.  This innovative product offers our customers nearly 123 million verified mobile phone numbers or almost 56% of the voting age US population.

Americans – especially young people, Latinos, and African Americans – continue to cut cords and are overwhelmingly ditching landline phones in favor of mobile phones. More and more, our population is communicating on mobile phones and using those same phones to access information. In fact, more than 43% of households in the United States had only wireless telephones during the first half of 2014 – a number that continues to grow.  The non-partisan Pew Research Center has published multiple studies showing this transition.

This signals a departure from traditional communications channels that civic groups, progressive organizations and Democratic campaigns have relied on in the past, predominantly focusing on door knocking, mail programs and calling land-line phones. So we’re entering an era where all outreach efforts need to locate these voters on their terms and communicate with them in the most efficient manner – on their mobile phones.

We believe CellBase is the largest database of mobile phone numbers for electoral and advocacy campaign use in the United States. CellBase increases TargetSmart’s already industry leading national coverage by an additional 20%, including over half of the new numbers added in 2015 for the Rising American Electorate population.

Practically speaking, when it comes to helping civic groups, progressive organizations and Democratic campaigns make a difference, CellBase will empower our clients to contact 49 million Rising American Electorate voters, 18.4 million of whom have cut the cord and only use mobile phones. This is a big deal for labor unions trying to reach their members on pro-working family candidates, civic groups calling local residents about upcoming candidate forums, and Democratic volunteer phone banks contacting supporters regarding the upcoming election.

In many ways, CellBase is a game changer.

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