Here’s the Buzz(Feed) – The Supreme Court Rules!

Announcing Buzzfeed Integration
TargetSmart’s online voter file – Voter File 2.0 – is now integrated with BuzzFeed.  This exciting partnership allows you to leverage our voter data to reach your targets on BuzzFeed’s cross-platform, global network for news and entertainment. This means that you will be able to tap into BuzzFeed’s unique ability to create content that resonates with voters and have that content distributed throughout the social sphere. As the #1 Most Innovative Company according to Fast Company, BuzzFeed works with campaigns, issue advocacy groups, PACs, and non-profits to reach key audiences with sharable, relatable and innovative content. For more information on how to get started, please contact Rena Shapiro.

SCOTUS Redistricting… not so fast!
Recently, the Supreme Court announced a decision in Evenwel vs. Abbott case that caused voting rights supporters to cheer. The Court unanimously decided to affirm its continuation of “one person, one vote” – in which the total population is used to draw congressional and legislative districts.

However, the dissenting opinion puts voting rights at risk if other states attempt to use another definition of population to redistrict. At TargetSmart, we’ve used ElectionBase to show how some of these plans could affect the redistricting process in 2020 and beyond. 
You can see this data on MyTargetSmart, represented in the screenshot below. If you haven’t visited My TargetSmart and would like log in credentials, contact Client Services at

If history is a good indicator, we can certainly expect these challenges to come forward. Progressives and voting rights supporters should be ready for the fight with the right tools.

With MyTargetSmart, you can access valuable data and tools to enhance your everyday work. And, if you are a frequent visitor, we wanted to let you to know that we’ll be making some improvements to MyTargetSmart over the next few weeks. Contact Client Services at today to learn how you can use all the tools available in MyTargetSmart.