NBC News and TargetSmart Partner for 2016 Election


Voter File Data will Enhance Political Analysis and Reporting on All NBC News Platforms

September 8, 2015 — As part of its in-depth Decision 2016 reporting and analysis, the NBCUniversal News Group will enter into an exclusive partnership with leading political data firm TargetSmart to enhance election coverage and study the voting process in America in depth.  This groundbreaking relationship is the first of its kind, enabling a national news organization to use the same powerful data that has been available to candidates and campaigns.

Through the partnership, TargetSmart will provide its market-leading national voter file and database to NBC News, allowing its Decision 2016 data analytics team to perform non-partisan analysis, research voting habits, and identify voting trends at the state and local levels.

“This partnership will enable our NBC News team of election experts and data scientists to better understand how Americans are thinking and voting,” said NBC News Elections Director John Lapinski.  “And we hope to learn more about how the nation’s patchwork of local voting laws and regulations are impacting American citizens’ participation in democracy.”

“For years we’ve been able to see how campaigns have innovated with our voter data, and that has led to a new kind of political campaigning.  We believe there are also innovations that can occur with election coverage and analysis, and we’re excited to see that NBC News is leading the way,” said Tom Bonier, CEO of TargetSmart.

The project will be directed by John Lapinski at NBC News and Tom Bonier at TargetSmart.

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