VoterFile 2.0 Enhancements!

TargetSmart is excited to announce we are expanding our offerings through Voter File 2.0, our onboarded voter file for digital targeting.

We have formed a direct relationship with LiveRamp, the nation’s largest provider of digital onboarding and identity-resolution services.  Our standard segments are now available through LiveRamp’s Data Store, which allows our industry-best voter data to be activated in any of the hundreds of digital ad buying platforms that are part of LiveRamp’s network of partners.  We will also use LiveRamp as our primary method of making custom segments available in whatever platforms you choose, reducing red-tape and streamlining the process.

As part of this new relationship, we have also increased the number of segments we are making available as standard:

Registered / Unregistered * Primary Election 2016 Voter *
Political Geography Campaign Finance Issue *
Partisanship Climate Change Issue
General Election Turnout Gun Control Issue
Primary Election Turnout * Minimum Wage Issue *
Local Election Turnout * Path to Citizenship Issue *
General Election 2016 Voter * Pro-Choice Issue
Political Donors
*New for 2017

Beyond these, we can create and onboard any custom list built off of the TargetSmart voter file or exported out of VAN as well as membership lists.

We’ve even reduced the cost of using our segments across the board by 40% to encourage more agencies and organizations to take advantage.

To learn more or to have data activated to your accounts, contact us at

Bill Russell
Director of Digital Partnerships

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