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Take control by putting TargetSmart’s full data suite into the palm of your hand.

About Analytics Data Install

 Analytics Data Installs put the data directly in your hands, and can be licensed at the state level, or nationwide. Our install data is updated and published on a monthly basis and delivery is seamless through our cloud-based data management platform. Analytics Data Installs are designed to deliver all of the power of our data products directly on-site, so your analytics team can dig in and create solutions for your campaign or your clients’ programs.

At TargetSmart, we try to get out of the way between our clients and our data. However, our expert data consulting team is always at the ready to lend a hand and answer questions about the data or make recommendations on best practices.

  • An Analytics Data Install (ADI) empowers users to cut out the middle man, saving time and money, by allowing clients full access to the data and tools to create solutions on their own schedule.
  • ADI is the ultimate targeting tool. Whether it is data on cellphones, landlines, consumers, contributors, or voting history needed, an ADI allows clients to search all of our databases.
  • By purchasing an ADI, users are given the ability to construct their own custom models, perform research, analysis, and reporting, and mine TargetSmart’s powerful data assets for your campaign or your clients.
  • ADI is TargetSmart’s most comprehensive and powerful product used by our premier clients.

More Info About Analytics Data Install


 Analytics Data Installs represent the full suite of TargetSmart’s market-leading political and consumer data products and can also include powerful third-party data sources for even greater targeting power. ADI’s include:

  • VoterBase: TargetSmart’s market-leading voter file, widely-known as the highest-quality voter file with the greatest depth of voting history, most accurate political districts, the most frequently updated, and containing powerful partisan, turnout, and issue-support models.
  • ElectionBase: TargetSmart’s geographic-enabled database of historic precinct-level election results, disaggregated to the census block level and representing the past three election cycles.
  • ContributorBase: TargetSmart’s massive database of political contributors, representing more than 6.7 billion dollars in political contributions over the past 10-15 years and including contributions to state and local candidates and committees.
  • IntelliBase: TargetSmart’s national compiled marketing file, enabled with dozens of powerful demographic, lifestyle, behavioral, and affluence characteristics on more than 200 million consumers.
  • CellBase: The nation’s largest and highest-quality source of mobile phone numbers, developed by TargetSmart, matched to a national voter file. CellBase contains nearly 125 million mobile numbers, as well as detailed confidence scores that provide additional insight into the quality of each number.
  • Census Data: In addition to our core data products, our Analytics Data Installs also have been pre-matched to popular census data sets at the block and block group level, including PL94 data and the American Community Survey.
  • Third-Party Consumer Marketing Data: TargetSmart can augment our Analytics Data Installs with even more data from third-party consumer data companies to provide additional insights and targeting power.

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