Data Enhancement Services

Elevating your data’s accuracy and usability.

About Our Data Enhancement Services

TargetSmart provides state-of-the-art data quality services that make your data better. By leveraging an intricate and sophisticated system comprised of public and private data sources and services, we have assembled the most comprehensive and accurate toolset for identifying, correcting, and enhancing your existing data to ensure you can stay connected to your audience long-term.

  • We use a state-of-the-art system to clean your data.
  • Our matching systems ensure you have the most up to date data.
  • We provide data enhancement services that run the gamut from data integration to data migration to data mining.
  • Our team of experts also provides the technical advice you need to utilize your data in the most effective manner.
  • Candidates, campaigns, companies, and organizations all trust us to make their data better and help them utilize in the most effective way possible.

More Info About Our Data Enhancement Services


  • Data Quality Assessment: Our Data Quality Assessment (DQA) is a fast and easy way to quickly understand how good your existing data is, and where you have opportunities to improve it. The DQA is a comprehensive data report that provides an unbiased, third-party audit of the quality of your data.
  • Duplicates: Over time, people change their names and addresses, and sometimes data is entered into systems from disparate sources. These issues often lead to having duplicate entries in your lists; creating a significant waste of time as well as undermining your credibility with your supporters. Our state-of-the-art system identifies these duplicates and then our team helps you retain all the information you need from each record while correcting the issues.
  • Current, Accurate Addresses: Our system leverages the entire suite of address quality products from the postal service, but we also go above and beyond by using private sources for both address correction and change of address. As a result, our system typically corrects or updates 3.5% to 5% more addresses than any other provider, making sure that your data is working for you.
  • Additional Contact Information: The last component of our Data Quality Suite is contact data enhancement. We find incomplete, inaccurate, or missing data in your system and provide updates in the form of landline and wireless telephone numbers, email addresses, and even social networking information, ensuring that you can communicate effectively with your audience at home, on the phone, or online.

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