Predictive Modeling

Empowering you to craft the right message and reach the right audience with off-the-shelf and custom-built predictive models.

About Our Predictive Modeling

Our modeling services help translate Big Data into better outcomes. We specialize in designing the right analytics program for each situation, with an emphasis on making our clients’ programs more effective and efficient. The expertise of our team sets us apart; with experts in survey research, analytics, specialty data acquisition, and campaign strategy.

The predictive modeling team will seamlessly handle each analytic project from conceptualization to execution. We never take a “one size fits all” approach and excel in scaling high-level analytic programs from the national level to localized efforts.

  • Our off-the-shelf and custom-built predictive models are invaluable for helping you craft and target your message to the right audience.
  • Our team of experts is intimately familiar with TargetSmart’s data, allowing them to create and understand intricate models that help predict voter and consumer behaviors at the individual level.
  • We use sophisticated techniques and tools such as machine learning algorithms and gradient boosting machines to iteratively improve your model and bring substantive improvements to your campaign or project.
  • Our predictive models help campaigns, candidates, organizations, and companies achieve their goals by better understanding and predicting the likely behavior of their target customers or constituents.
  • TargetSmart’s predictive models are highly actionable because they are applied at the person-level.

More Info About Our Predictive Modeling


  • Consultative Research Process Finding your target audience often comes down to knowing which questions to ask. By having an experienced survey research team in-house, our team is experienced in crafting the right analytic program for your needs. We will work with you to determine who your optimal target audience is and how they can best be identified. Nothing about our process is “black-box” – we work collaboratively with our client throughout the process to ensure that we are fitting the analytics programs to their needs, not the other way around.
  • Source Data Expertise The differentiator in modeling isn’t the statistical techniques – no one is inventing “new math”. Our advantage at TargetSmart is having the source analytic data in-house, with industry experts that are always on the lookout for additional data sources that will improve our models. By being so familiar with the in-house analytic data, our analysts are able to build synthetic variables that will increase the accuracy of the models we provide to our clients.
  • Proven Methodology Our predictive analytics includes the use of machine-learning algorithms, specifically a gradient boosting machine (GBM). In lieu of building a single, strong predictive model, our approach is to build several smaller, simple models that when built sequentially help to boost the final model’s predictive power. Essentially, each model constructed in this overall ensemble-model approach focuses on improving the errors from the previous model. This “boosted” approach increases the overall model’s effectiveness in accurately identifying the response, or target outcome.
  • Proven Accuracy Every model we build is stringently validated. It is important to us that our clients have the utmost confidence in our models as they execute their programs, and a big part of that is transparency throughout the process.
  • Advanced Reporting The key to implementing a successful analytics program is to connect the data to the need. When we deliver a model, we produce a full report with easy to digest graphics – helping our clients understand the data and how to use it.
  • Strategic Consulting Our work doesn’t end when we deliver the model to our clients. Our strategic consulting team specializes in turning data into action. They will work with you to leverage the targeted findings of the model into a more efficient and effective outreach program.

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