Turbo charge your campaigns by pairing TargetSmart’s unparalleled voter file with NGP VAN’s industry-leading campaign management software.

About SmartVAN

SmartVAN utilizes TargetSmart data to create a simple and seamless platform that provides the access, tools, and resources our clients need to successfully manage electoral campaigns. SmartVAN is designed to be scalable and easily customized; any number of additional features and capabilities can be added to make the best possible experience for clients. As with all our products; training, support, and consulting services are always available.

  • SmartVAN was specifically designed to be used with TargetSmart data, so SmartVAN users enjoy access to the best voter data available as well as the best tools to put it to use.
  • Whether being used for a political or non-partisan campaign, SmartVAN can be customized to accommodate all of the campaign’s needs while at the same time minimizing unnecessary spending.
  • SmartVAN can be used for strategic targeting, reporting, marketing, canvassing, and/or voter engagement. Regardless of what SmartVAN is being used for, the user can rest assured that they are using a technology that is both time and cost-effective.

More Info About SmartVAN


SmartVan includes all the industry leading electoral campaign management tools VAN has brought to winning campaigns for years. SmartVAN was also specifically designed to optimize the experience of using TargetSmart’s VoterBase in order to bring the full capacity of this extensive voter database to our clients.

  • Strategic Targeting using Create-A-List, the industry’s top list segmentation tool for effective targeting.
  • Robust Reporting with Count, Crosstabs and Canvass Results; tools that provide crucial electorate insights and real-time campaign promotion results.
  • Intuitive Data Collection capabilities like Quick Mark, Bar Code Scanning, and a MiniVAN app that allows volunteers to collect information live at prospects’ doorsteps.
  • Social Media cross referencing that enables supporters to match online social relationships against the voter file, using social media for personalized outreach.
  • Direct Marketing functionalities that include direct mail and email segmentation, event management, tracking, robocalling, and predictive dialer.
  • Reliable Contact Data that is matched against a Privately-Sourced Change of Address (PCOA) to determine if there is a change of address from a commercial source, resulting in a correction rate of up to 5%.
  • Accurate Phone Numbers that are quality tested and subject to commercial verification processes on a quarterly basis.
  • Enhanced Targeting with household and consumer demographic attributes that identify target voter universes more effectively than other sources that contain only voter and census data.
  • Supplemental Data on the unregistered voting-age population that is critical for successful voter registration drives and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) programs.

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