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Providing the professional advice you need to run a successful campaign or project.

About Our Strategic Consulting

TargetSmart takes your organization’s goals and channels them into success with our market-leading data and strategic consulting services. The knowledge and skills of our seasoned strategic consulting staff will empower your organization with the information and analysis needed to make accurate, data-driven decisions. Positioning you to effectively execute winning political and consumer programs using the most direct and cost-efficient route.

  • TargetSmart’s strategic support can be as simple as project specific advice or as complex as detailed, management-level consulting services.
  • Our strategic consulting team has decades of real world experience in politics, tech, and enterprise technology.
  • We provide professional expertise and advice to campaigns, candidates, organizations, and companies that provide the insights needed to succeed.
  • Our team’s professional knowledge and experience run the gamut; if you need a solution to problem or expert advice, just ask and we’ll provide.

More Info About Our Strategic Consulting


  • Strategic Advice that comes from years of extensive data and political experience. Our strategic team will help you to gain an understanding of where your resources are best dedicated and how to implement a plan that will achieve your campaign goals.
  • Targeted Campaign Data is at the core of all our strategic consulting services. This includes an extensive data repository with access to invaluable demographics such as; party affiliation, gender, age, race, vote history, and hundreds of consumer and behavioral attributes.
  • Data Analysis that can include raw number crunching, predictive data modeling and polling services that examine past and potential behavior. The TargetSmart team takes the most complex questions and boils them down into an analysis that is easy to understand and seamlessly integrates into your campaign planning.
  • Execution support of your strategic plan is also available with TargetSmart outreach services such as; direct mail, radio, phone campaigns, emails and more. All of our creative materials are custom-developed using data-driven insights that ensure the targeted messaging, scripts, and graphics we create will resonate with your audience.
  • Higher ROI (Return on Investment) as a result of the strategic intelligence and accurate data that TargetSmart delivers. Our services result in campaigns that send the most effective messaging to your best prospects the first time around. We eliminate wasted material expense and allocate your resources cost effectively.


  • Grassroots – We help you to learn more about your members and prospective activists before reaching out to them. TargetSmart discovers the messaging that will resonate best with your targets and provides expert advice on which tools to use in your Grassroots campaign. Our demographic intelligence and predictive modeling identifies your most likely prospects, eliminates wasted outreach efforts, and streamlines your budget.
  • Electoral – We analyze predicted turnout from a demographic and geographic perspective to identify the voters who are most likely to turnout for your candidate or support your issue. Determining in advance whether your persuasion and GOTV plans are talking to the right people and then aggregating this intelligence into a comprehensive, cost-effective electoral outreach plan.

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