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TargetSmart’s data offerings were created to seamlessly align with our clients’ strategic goals. Our knowledgeable team can direct you to the data offering or offerings that will best suit your organization’s unique objectives.


CellBase is the nation’s largest and highest-quality source of mobile phone numbers, each of which is matched to corresponding voter and consumer databases. CellBase contains nearly 125 million mobile numbers, as well as detailed confidence scores that provide additional insight into their quality. Whether powering accurate market research programs or voter contact efforts, industry leaders rely on CellBase to contact their target audience more effectively.


VoterBase is the market’s leading national voter file; containing the contact and voting information of over 191 million voters, and 58 million unregistered, voting age consumers. Thousands of campaigns each year rely on the unparalleled accuracy of VoterBase data to power their fundraising, research, and voter contact programs.


IntelliBase is a national compiled marketing database containing demographic, financial, and lifestyle information on more than 200 million consumers. An invaluable resource for marketers, IntelliBase contains highly accurate and targetable data for targeting consumers for direct marketing campaigns. Whether through traditional methods such as direct mail or telephony, or through digital advertising, IntelliBase helps find the prospects most likely to respond to offers, and helps marketers retain, cross-sell, and up-sell their existing customers.


ElectionBase contains precinct-level election results from the past three election cycles, making it the most actionable database of historic election results in existence. ElectionBase is an essential campaign planning and budgeting tool as well as a key targeting resource for political professionals. ElectionBase reveals what it takes to win and provides powerful insights into the electorate.


ContributorBase is a national database of political contributors that includes detailed contribution records to candidates, committees, and PACs. ContributorBase sources data from multiple state campaign disclosure data sources; empowering clients with the ability to target donors using the most recent and accurate contributor data available.


ExactTrack is an information-driven record linkage technology created to consistently recognize people over time, even as they change their names and addresses. In addition to providing powerful list matching capabilities, ExactTrack can also be used to enhance postal addresses in order to optimize deliverability as well as finding changes of address not possible with other methods.