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TargetSmart products were created to enhance clients’ experience of our extensive data offerings. Our products uniquely merge relevant data offerings with easy to navigate interfaces; accelerating the ability to create, track and manage winning campaigns. Our qualified team will recommend the products or product that will work best with your organization’s data strategy.

VoterFile 2.0

With Voter File 2.0, you can now leverage the powerful political data of Voterbase to reach voters in a truly integrated digital advertising campaign. Voter File 2.0 allows you to collaborate across multiple mediums; consolidating online, offline, and addressable television advertising platforms.

Analytics Data Install

TargetSmart’s Analytics Data Install (ADI) puts the full power of TargetSmart data in your hands; allowing you to construct your own custom models, perform research, analysis and reporting, and mine powerful data assets for your campaign or your clients.


SmartVAN combines VoterBase, TargetSmart’s unparalleled voter file database, with NGP VAN, the leader in campaign management software. The end result is the most intuitive, accurate, and powerful organizing solution for campaigns.