Market research and public opinion polls are vital tools for any campaign or advocacy effort.  Polling informs your strategy, tests your messages, and identifies demographic targets. Our research team has years of experience and conducts hundreds of telephone and online surveys each year to help our clients accomplish their goals.  We deliver the information you need in an easy to understand format and with a proven record of accuracy and success.

  • TargetSmart constantly collaborates with our clients and stays involved in your poll from start to finish.
  • With our industry-leading political and consumer data, we ensure that your poll is as highly targeted and effective as possible.
  • We access our industry-leading data when conducting interviews; using the methods of contact best suited to reaching your unique audience including; live calling, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) surveys, online surveys, and focus groups.
  • Not only do we conduct polls, we provide the necessary data and services for you to conduct your own poll including data samples, data appends, and custom, white-label modeling.
  • Numerous campaigns, candidates, companies, and organizations have used our polling services to better understand their audience and achieve their goals.
  • TargetSmart’s polling services empower you to reach and understand your target audience, which in turn helps you effectively guide your strategy and craft the right message for your audience. 

More Info About Our Polling


  • Consultative Research Process: Getting the answers you need often comes down to knowing what questions to ask and how to ask them. Our experienced team of research professionals starts each project by understanding your objectives, and then works to develop questionnaires, define targets, and create a plan tailored to meet your goals.
  • Operational Excellence:  Our team knows how to deliver. We manage the entire research process with a proven, consultative approach that keeps you informed every step of the way.
  • Strategic Insights: Information can be overwhelming. Our team is trained to sift through volumes of data to find the insights you need to succeed. We translate data into strategy and transfer that knowledge to you in a clear, concise way.


  • Unrivaled Data and Sampling Methodologies: TargetSmart’s market-leading data are key to a successful phone survey. Our interviews are conducted exclusively among your campaign’s likely voter universe. We understand how to effectively reach individuals on their mobile or landline, and we design samples that ensure an accurate representation of your target audience.  Falling response rates and an increased number of mobile phone-only households make telephone surveys more difficult than ever before. But TargetSmart’s industry-leading data, including the nation’s largest and highest quality-sourced mobile numbers, allow us to deliver winning results.
  • Dedicated Callers: To ensure unbiased interviews, our professional interviewers only conduct public opinion surveys.  They do not split their time between fundraising, persuasion, GOTV or other types of phone contact.
  • Multiple Methods of Research: Our research team will utilize whichever survey methods are most appropriate for your goals and budget; be it live calling, Interactive Voice Response surveys, online surveys, focus groups, or a mix of different modes. As phone response rates decline, mixed mode surveys and online polls are increasingly important.
    • Online polls can be used to supplement a phone poll or test ads, videos or complex ballot language.  They are also often the best way to survey membership organizations.
    • Short, automated IVR surveys can be used to quickly and inexpensively gather information about a candidate or issue.
    • During Focus Groups, we conduct in-depth explorations of voter and consumer attitudes to develop and test messaging, as well as to ensure we are using the language people are most familiar with in talking about an issue or product.
  • Voter File Analysis and Targeting: TargetSmart’s extraordinary, high-quality voter database allows us to match poll results to the larger universe of voters to provide sophisticated targeting and budgeting for your campaign


Our team knows how to deliver, with expertise in a number of areas:

  • State and Local Elections – Few firms match the breadth and depth of our campaign work. From governor to state legislator, mayor to city council, we have worked on campaigns across 44 states and in hundreds of individual cities and counties.
  • Issue Advocacy – Breaking through to elected officials requires a detailed understanding of how an issue affects a community, and using language that makes sense locally. Our research provides the information and understanding needed to create messages that motivate individuals to take action.
  • Voter Mobilization – TargetSmart can provide unparalleled information about your audience’s attitudes as well as where and how they live, so we can reach out in the most efficient and effective ways.
  • Land Use and Development – We have an unmatched understanding of land use and development issues as a result of our work for the National Association of REALTORS. Since 2008, we have provided research on Smart Growth and land use issues for REALTOR associations across the country.
  • Strategic Consulting – Our senior staff brings a lifetime of survey research expertise, real-world campaign experience, and professional management skills to your project.