Ben Lazarus

Director of Research and Analytics

Ben is a pollster and former Vice President at Myers Research | Strategic Services. He joined TargetSmart after serving as Political Director at The Atlas Project, a non-profit utility that provides the progressive community with strategic analysis and data tools.

A specialist in state legislative battles, Ben has served as a principal pollster for the Indiana House Democratic Caucus, the Kentucky House Democratic Caucus, the Delaware Senate Democratic Caucus, the Maine Senate Democratic Caucus, the Missouri House Democratic Caucus, the Wisconsin Senate Democratic Caucus, and New Directions PAC, a legislative independent expenditure in Washington state. Ben has also conducted research on behalf of major labor unions, public affairs firms, advocacy organizations, and campaigns at the local and congressional levels.

Additionally, working closely with TargetSmart’s data scientists, Ben shepherds all of TargetSmart’s custom analytics projects, working with clients from conception of micro-targeting models and training data collection, to delivery of model scores and universe construction. Sitting at the juncture of enhanced political data, polling, and analytics, Ben has a unique perspective on how predictive models fit into a campaign or organization’s broader strategic plans.

Ben fully acknowledges that polling can be rote and dry, but loves finding the exceptions to that, being surprised by data, and identifying interesting and compelling ways to make data tell a story that is strategic and fundamentally actionable. Ben graduated from the University of Michigan where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in political science and a minor in applied statistics. He and his wife live in Washington, D.C.