Candace Martin

Major Accounts Manager

Candace works as part of the sales team for TargetSmart, particularly with the data analytic firms who use TargetSmart data to help candidates have successful campaigns or for organizations who want to make a difference in public policy.

Candace’s start in the political arena began in 2006 when immediately after graduating from Arkansas State University; she served as the press secretary for the Arkansas coordinated campaign.  After a successful election, Candace parlayed her work into communications roles for Arkansas governor Mike Beebe and his wife Ginger Beebe.

After briefly hitting the campaign trail working for Democratic candidates in other states, Candace returned to Arkansas to work for her hometown’s chamber of commerce and later moved to Little Rock to work first as communications director and later as executive director of the Democratic Party of Arkansas where she managed the largest coordinated campaign in state history with a $10.3 million budget. Using her communication skills, she raised an additional $1.5 million for the Party.

Candace now lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband and daughter.