Collin Pace

Senior Data Engineer

Collin Pace joined TargetSmart in December 2012 and has worked as a data analyst for seven years creating models to predict the unknown.

Prior to working at Targetsmart, Collin worked for the marketing analytics firm Buxton, a real estate site analytics company based in Fort Worth, TX.

At Buxton, Collin gained skills in building predictive models for restaurants, retailers and healthcare facilities. Additionally, he mastered the software program Alteryx and left Buxton to become an Alteryx programmer/consultant with Efficax Data, which was absorbed by TargetSmart.

At Targetsmart, Collin is responsible with helping to build new products, manage and design databases and creating applications. He is also the lead designer of building predictive models and solutions for target marketing purposes.

He works directly with clients, helping with project management, solutions development and resource management.

While in graduate school studying economics, Collin worked as a Teaching Assistant and later, Teaching Fellow with the University of North Texas. He taught undergraduate Microeconomics and Macroeconomics courses for three semesters. He won the award for Outstanding Teaching Fellow in 2009.

Collin graduated from the University of North Texas with an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Masters in Economics, Labor & Industrial Relations.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, He resides with his wife and his twin children in Denton, Texas.