Drew Brighton


If there were a Mount Rushmore for leaders in the world of political and consumer data, it’s almost assured Drew Brighton would be included.  That’s because for the past two decades Drew has been an industry leader helping political organizations and corporations use data to achieve many diverse goals.

His career started with Acxiom where he utilized his data mining skills to assist major companies, including Office Depot, FedEx and Citi, to use data as part of their consumer and business marketing strategies.  He quickly moved into management at Acxiom, running their flagship product Abilitec and leading the way with their data quality product, Opticx.

Eventually, Drew ended up in Washington, D.C. consulting for political organizations, most notably the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and America Coming Together.

With political campaigns and their surrogates significantly behind the curve when it came to data, Drew made it a mission to use his skill set to improve their lagging analytics.   In many ways, this was the birth of the company that would eventually grow into TargetSmart and become one of the most integral data companies in the political arena.

A graduate of Hendrix College in Conway, Ark. with a BA in Economics, Drew lives in Crownsville, Md. with his wife Melissa, and their children Will, Sam, and Kate.