Jeremy Kane

Director, Data Engineering and Production

What do you do when you have a political science degree from Wake Forest University and computer software development degree from New England Institute of Technology? You start your own data engineering company that merges with a forward-thinking company like TargetSmart to build tools and output necessary data files as part of the Alteryx platform.

Jeremy was the 2010 winner of the Alteryx Grand Prix and was the runner up in 2015, an event that brings together the best Alteryx developers in the world.

After starting his career as a data engineer for a direct marketing firm in Rhode Island, he later managed an array of nationwide B2C and B2B marketing files.

He met the TargetSmart team at an Alteryx Inspire convention and soon they were partnering together, eventually with Jeremy heading the Data Engineering Division of Target Smart in 2013.

After living most of his life in Rhode Island, Jeremy and his wife have settled in Virginia Beach, VA.