Linda Tyler

Director of Human Resources

Linda is the people person at TargetSmart. She assists the company executives and department leaders to hire and retain talented individuals to make TargetSmart the best it can be.

She constantly communicates with the employees of the company assuring that they have a healthy and happy work environment and assists them with all of the benefits that come with employment of the company from health care to retirement planning and everything in between.

Prior to TargetSmart, Linda spent 20 years at Acxiom Corp. where she worked both in human resources and managing the company’s retail business unit. After retiring from Acxiom, Linda decided to run for political office and served as an Arkansas state legislator.

Upon finishing her tenure in the legislature, Linda returned to human resources here at TargetSmart.

Born in Dallas, Linda moved to Lead Hill, Ark. at age 12, graduated from the University of Central Arkansas and now resides with her husband in Conway, Ark. where they proudly have had the same land line phone number for 47 years.