Maurice Carey

Software Engineer

Maurice excels at building large-scale distributed systems, solving problems using machine learning, and making data driven decisions using statistical analysis.

In early 2016 Maurice joined TargetSmart as their Principle Software Engineer to help create and scale their customer facing software platform for future business growth.

Prior to joining TargetSmart, Maurice was the software architect designing the data analytics program for Glynlyon.

His experience is as impressive as it is diverse, helping General Motor’s transition vehicle configuration from custom regional applications to a global scale. Additionally, he assisted in creating the next generation platform to scale for the exponential growth of the marketplace for Amazon’s Marketplace.

Maurice has also worked for Apollo Group and has been a featured presenter at the International Conference on Program Comprehension.

Maurice received a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at Arizona State University in 2003 having already established himself as an entrepreneur working his way through school writing code for various clients. That same year he jumped back in to academics continuing on to pursue a PhD in Computer Science while simultaneously establishing his real world expertise in the field.

Maurice lives in Phoenix with his wife and two daughters.