Comprehensive TargetSmart Voter File and DonorBase® Donor Data combine to serve Digital Campaigns

August 27,2020 — Today, TargetSmart and DonorBase announced an innovative partnership that allows organizations to harness the power of TargetSmart’s best-in-class voter file and DonorBase’s donor insights to connect with new prospective donors. The partnership will allow organizations of all sizes to quickly and efficiently identify prospective supporters who are likely to support the organization’s mission.

“This will be a game changer for countless organizations who are looking to engage with existing and new supporters,” said Tom Bonier, CEO of TargetSmart. “In the run-up to the 2020 election, organizations of all sizes face a similar challenge: connecting with their supporters at a time of heightened political engagement with unprecedented economic uncertainty. This partnership will help them do that.”

“We are thrilled to open exciting new marketing channels on behalf of DonorBase members and clients” says Bruce Demaree, President of DonorBase.  “We have long been impressed with TargetSmart’s meticulous data efforts and believe the thoughtful combination of our resources will result in vibrant new opportunities for the nonprofits and fundraisers we serve.”

Through the partnership, TargetSmart will provide data and modeling from its market-leading national voter file and database, while DonorBase will offer detailed charitable donor insight.  Combined, these resources will offer unprecedented access to targeted audiences of known donors aligned with specific political issues in all online marketing channels.

TargetSmart’s Digital Voter File combines the best-in-class voter file with a suite of digital and media products that allow clients to effectively connect with target audiences.

DonorBase is a cooperative prospecting database that identifies responsive donor prospects for acquisition campaigns, re-activates lapsed donors, and offers advanced data services through a database totaling $48 billion in charitable giving.

This partnership will enable access to a portfolio of exciting new digital data segments including:

  • Democratic Donors
  • Pro-Choice Donors
  • Climate Change Donors
  • Gun Control Donors
  • Donors Supporting the Trump Resistance
  • Donors Likely to Vote in November


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About TargetSmart
TargetSmart is the leading provider of political data that enables campaigns and organizations to successfully communicate with large audiences through personalized outreach. Their politically-focused approach combines consumer data, analytics, data integration and consulting solutions for microtargeted, multichannel marketing strategies.

About DonorBase®, Inc.
DonorBase, Inc. maintains over 69 million donor records representing over 828 million gift transactions totaling $50 billion in charitable giving.  These records offer members the ability to select the most productive donor prospects meeting their exact acquisition and lapsed donor re-activation needs, and fuels advanced modeling and data solutions.