Data-Driven Solutions by TargetSmart

The path out of this pandemic and a return to normalcy will depend on our ability to persuade most Americans to join the movement to end this pandemic and get vaccinated. Our team at TargetSmart specializes in effective persuasion. We’ve honed our tools and talents in the crucible of political campaigns and advocacy efforts. We’ve successfully adapted these tools to mass civic duty efforts, such as census response programs.

TargetSmart has spent more than a decade honing our ability to find, communicate, and mobilize diverse and underserved communities around the country.  Now we’re using those skills to help promote an equitable vaccination effort and help bring us out of the pandemic.

Building Engagement

Our marketing campaigns build engagement using our signature campaign approach, our unparalleled targeting capabilities, and our industry-leading technologies, which allow us to reach more people, more effectively. TargetSmart can help you find creative ways to effectively and equitably target groups that are reluctant or unlikely to receive the vaccine and market the availability, safety and importance of getting the vaccine in order to boost overall vaccinations.

  • Identification – Identify targets using industry-leading data and predictive models.

  • Awareness – Equitably educate targets about the state of the pandemic as well as the availability and importance of the vaccine.

  • Persuasion – Identify and convince hesitant, mistrusting and misinformed populations of the vaccine’s merits.

  • Retargeting – Determine vaccination eligibility status and retarget communications to eligible prospects.

  • Conversion – Convert prospects into scheduled vaccination appointments.

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