Welcome to Insights – TargetSmart’s tipsheet to provide regular updates on the latest voter registration, early vote, and voter turnout trends.

In the next day, we’ll be updating TargetEarly with a host of new functionality, including the ability to look at voters who have cast a ballot this year, but didn’t vote in 2016. Some of those findings are previewed below.

Here are today’s key takeaways:

13,483,174 women have already voted in the 2020 election, exceeding the number of men having voted by 2,516,569 votes, a margin larger than the population of 15 states. 628,886 are voting for the first time.

There is also a surge in senior early voting numbers. Of the 5.7 million early voters who didn’t vote in 2016, the largest group is voters over the age of 65 with over 1.5 million having voted already.

In Florida, this senior surge is especially pronounced, as they account for 39% of ballots cast by non-2016 voters. These senior surge voters skew Democratic.

In Florida, age 65+ early voters who cast a ballot in 2016 are +12D in party registration. And the 115,000 age 65+ early voters who didn’t vote in ’16 are a jaw-dropping +18D.

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