Welcome to Insights – TargetSmart’s tipsheet to provide regular updates on the latest voter registration, early vote, and voter turnout trends.

Recently we launched TargetEarly, our comprehensive early vote dashboard that gives you the ability to analyze the early vote. The tool is updated daily and includes a wealth of demographic data including age, gender, race, and education level, as well as whether voters live in urban, suburban, or rural areas, and whether they are frequent or infrequent voters. You can look at the data nationally or by state, county or congressional district. For more visit TargetEarly.targetsmart.com.

Here are today’s key takeaways:

At least 10,237,090 voters have cast ballots in the 2020 general election.

Of those votes, 714,243 ballots were cast by young voters (ages 18 – 29). 61.3% of voters aged 18-29 are modeled Democrats and 25.1% are modeled Republican. Younger voters account for a larger share of new and sporadic voters in every battleground state but one, relative to this same point in the 2016 cycle.

At this point in 2016, voters under the age of 30 had cast only 144,555 votes were cast and 50% were by modeled Democrats and 34% were by modeled Republicans.

African Americans have cast 943,301 of the 10,237,090 votes cast so far in the 2020 election. At this point in 2016, African Americans had only cast 101,038 votes.

485,412 people have voted for the first time in the 2020 general election. Modeled Democrats are leading modeled Republicans in first time voter counts – with Democrats voting at 45.9% and Republicans at 34.7%


At this point in 2016, only 176,897 new voters had cast their ballot.

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