For Immediate Release

May 8, 2024

TargetSmart Releases Suite of Cutting Edge Tools That Will Help Elect More Democrats

Washington, DC – Today, TargetSmart, the leading provider of political data for campaigns and advocacy organizations, announced the rollout of several new tools to be utilized in the months leading up to the 2024 election to help progressive candidates and causes more effectively reach voters and potential voters, wherever they are. 

“These cutting edge technologies and new predictive models are built on our best-in-class voter file. Our proprietary suite of tools are seamlessly integrated to help campaigns from the City Council to the White House maximize their resources and voter engagement online and offline,” said TargetSmart CEO Lindsey Schuh Cortés.

You can learn more about these tools below:  

Double Negative Model 

TargetSmart, in collaboration with the team at PSG Consulting and Innovating for the Public Good, has developed first-of-their-kind models that create widely-available mechanisms for efficiently and effectively communicating with “double negative” voters, those who have  unfavorable opinions about both Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and as a result may stay home or vote for a third party candidate. These unique models allow practitioners and campaigns to cater specific, persuasive messages and tactics to this crucial subset of voters. 

TargetSmart Ethnicity+ 

TargetSmart now has the ability to append over 170 ethnicities and nationalities, 12 religions, and 80 languages to individual records on our voter file. This enhanced offering provides clients with much more detail when selecting for ethnic segments such that users will be able to select from more detailed ethnicities like Filipino, Japanese and Laotian rather than a broader Asian category, allowing for more precise targeting and more efficient campaigns.  The fields equip clients with a new source to consider alongside TargetSmart’s existing ethnic and religious models giving campaigns more tools to accomplish their project goals.  

VISTA Partisan Score 

With fewer Americans aligning with either Party, TargetSmart’s Analytics team has introduced a new alternative to our Partisan score called the Vote-Informed Scaled Total Adjustment (VISTA) Partisan score. Unlike the Partisan score, this score is designed to enhance targeting and analytical tools for Democratic and progressive campaigns by aiming to specify the probability of a particular behavior — in this case, supporting Joe Biden in the 2020 election.


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