Agreement will deliver more high quality phone numbers to clients

We’re excited to share that Catalist and TargetSmart are partnering on the largest effort of its kind to share phone data with clients this cycle. This includes more than 85 million new or updated phone numbers, 24 million of which are associated with communities of color. This partnership builds on work Catalist and TargetSmart conducted in 2020, when organizations and campaigns had to rapidly pivot to phones as in-person canvassing was curtailed in the face of the pandemic. During that cycle, we acquired more than 40 million numbers to help clients reach voters of color.

This partnership was also made possible by America Votes — which provides use of these phone numbers to its coalition of hundreds of partners across the country conducting historic get out the vote efforts — along with critical support from The Movement Cooperative, non-partisan organizations such as State Voices, and other groups.

This agreement is especially helpful for clients who use both organizations’ files, and ensures that as many organizations as possible have access to high-quality phones, which are a critical tool for engagement.

This collaboration is the largest of its kind between our organizations and we’re proud of the work our teams and our clients put into making it happen.

About TargetSmart

TargetSmart is the leading provider of political data that enables campaigns and organizations to successfully communicate with large audiences through personalized outreach. Their politically-focused approach combines consumer data, analytics, data integration and consulting solutions for micro-targeted, multichannel marketing strategies.

TargetSmart is part of the TARA Group LLC, a holding company with a successful track record of investing in independently operated data and marketing companies.

About Catalist

Catalist is a progressive data utility that maintains the longest-running voter file outside the major political parties. Founded in 2006, Catalist is the only unionized progressive data utility and works exclusively with unions, progressive organizations and Democratic campaigns.