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Stay informed

Insights is a first-of-its-kind data analysis tool that gives reporters, political practitioners, and the public unfettered access to topline voter data that were previously only available to TargetSmart clients.


Stay informed

Insights is a first-of-its-kind data analysis tool that gives reporters, political practitioners, and the public unfettered access to topline voter data that were previously only available to TargetSmart clients.


FEBRUARY 25, 2020

February 25, 2020|

FEBRUARY 25, 2020 Thanks for taking the time to check out our first TargetSmart Insights election data newsletter. As the election year unfolds, the punditry is only going to increase – and TargetSmart’s goal is to guide the noise with interesting data and nuanced analysis. My hope is to share, about once a week, some stats from the voter file [...]

TargetSmart/Telemundo Station Group Study “Effects of Spanish-language Political TV Advertising on Latinx Voter Turnout 2012 to 2018”

November 7, 2019|

Key Precinct-Level Analysis Takeaways: Precinct-level turnout analysis suggests that increased Spanish language advertising in a media market predicts significantly and substantially increased Latinx turnout. Immigration-related Spanish advertising spending predicts significantly higher Latinx turnout at the precinct level, while English language immigration-related advertising does not. Key Market-Level Analysis Takeaways: Market-level synthetic control analyses show that in nine of the ten [...]

NJ 2019 General Election Early/Absentee Vote Report

November 5, 2019|

About This Data In order to make the 2019 early vote data easier to understand, we've broken down the individual vote history by demographics so it's clear how the electoral demographics have shifted from 2015 and 2017 to 2019. This data comes from TargetSmart analysis of data that has been released by individual state election officials. While it's important [...]

Virginia Early Vote: Young, Suburban Voters Increasing Early Vote

October 24, 2019|

All eyes turn to Virginia ahead of its statewide elections on November 5th, where all 40 seats in the state Senate and 100 seats in state House of Delegates are up for re-election. Despite Virginia’s long history as a battleground state, it has trended blue in recent years, most notably in 2017 when Democrats flipped 15 seats in its [...]

Update: TargetSmart Analysis Shows Democratic Growth Potential in Ohio Voting Patterns

October 14, 2019|

As a dozen Democratic presidential candidates descend upon Westerville, Ohio, for this week’s debate, whether Ohio remains a true battleground state or whether its Republican-leaning trend will continue remains to be seen. Having voted for the Democratic nominee in four of the last ten elections, Ohio voters delivered Donald Trump the largest winning margin (eight points) in the state [...]

TargetSmart Analysis Shows Young Voters Hold Key Influence in Michigan’s 2020 Election

July 25, 2019|

As nearly two dozen Democratic presidential candidates descend upon Detroit for next week’s debate, the state of Michigan’s electorate -- and what that portends for the 2020 election -- couldn’t be more important. Having voted for the Democratic presidential nominee in six consecutive elections from 1992 through 2012, and thus becoming part of the so-called “Blue Wall” that helped [...]

2020 Democratic Primary Voters — Under Age 34

June 18, 2019|

Executive Summary In recognition of the key role young voters played in the 2018 midterm elections, and will play in the 2020 presidential election, TargetSmart’s Research and Analytics team commissioned a TargetSmart/Civiqs poll of 1,912 Democratic primary voters aged 18-34 in all fifty states and the District of Columbia in partnership with The Alliance for Youth Action. The survey, [...]

New Analysis of National Electorate in 2018 Reveals Younger, Diverse Voters Powering our Elections

June 5, 2019|

It’s been seven months since the historic 2018 midterm elections, when major Democratic victories in Republican-held districts led to Democrats claiming the House of Representatives and several GOP-held governorships. Since then, some election analyses have pointed to how younger voters, voters of color, and women played a central role in some of these swing districts -- but accurate, nuanced, [...]

TargetSmart Analysis Shows Democrats Still Have Path to Victory in Iowa

June 3, 2019|

Victory in Iowa Democrats have been fretting in recent years about how once-purple Iowa was ostensibly slipping into red territory. After President Barack Obama won the state twice, the 2014 and 2016 election cycles saw Republicans expand and maintain their grip on state and federal seats. November 2018’s midterm elections show, however, that despite older and whiter voters continuing [...]

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